Do you know that there is nothing that matters most than your first impression, especially when you are going for an interview.

The truth is that we just need to try our best when it comes to first impression, I remember when I had my first interview – believe me I was really scared, but I was with full confidence that I will be giving the job because my dressing was well coordinated, so you see first impression is bound to happen especially if it’s an interview you are going for that’s why you need to look good at all times, besides how else are you planning to express yourself showing how passionate you are towards your dream job? Believe me, the mistake you don’t want to make is wearing clumsy dresses to your first interview.

I’ve been invited to many interviews and board meetings and I can boldly tell you that there is a very big difference in all your outfits and all of them make different statement, so it is best for you to be familiar with what to wear to an interview and what not to wear.

Time has changed rapidly and so as dressing, you should be aware that every industry has its way of dressing and so does every organization. One thing I’ve learned so far going for interviews and board meetings is that dressing for these occasions is very tricky especially for interviews, you are expected to look more professional and still look classy while sticking to the pattern of the industry you are going for.

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Today I will be sharing with you what to avoid when you plan your next interview.

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What To Avoid When Going For Interviews

Revealing Outfits

One thing I know for sure is that, every organization you go for interview have something in common which is disappointment towards revealing outfits. Listen Ladies, when going for an interview try as much as possible to stay away from; skin hugging dresses, plunging necklines, skirt above the knee, see through dresses, backless tops and strapless clothes.

Ripped Denims

Unless you really don’t need that job you are after, things like Ripped jeans, torn jeans, ripped pant edges, distressed denim or anything similar should be avoided so as to look professional when going for an interview.

Be Careful With Your Footwear

Nobody will want to hire someone with inappropriate footwear, when I say inappropriate footwear it’s more than just your regular flip flops or crocs, note that your 6 inch heels, swanky and flashy stilettos are considered inappropriate too. Make sure you make enquiries and carry out your research before going and if not specified your trainers also will not work for you when going for an interview.

Loud Colours

When choosing your colours for interview please select wisely be it casual wear, formal or semi formal. You really need to keep thing subdued and subtle, please avoid loud or flashy colours they are bad for your personality. For easy guide, please refer to our previous post on how to match colours for your outfits.

Animal Prints

You want to avoid printed wears especially for your formal dressing, when selecting your outfits don’t mix things up with a printed material like floral and others, you want to keep things subtle so you look professional, so please stay clear from prints especially animal prints.

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Outfits Ideas You Can Blend With For Interviews

When dressing for an interview all you really need to do is to pay more attention to how you add up layers to your outfits. Even though dressing up for an interview can sometimes be really tricky, all you need is to understand your body shape and believe me you will find it a lot easier the next time you want to dress up for an interview.

Take a look at some outfits ideas for an interview to get you started….

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

Outfits interview

It doesn’t matter what body type you are be it tall, short, thin or fat, all that matters most for an interview is your confidence, understand that you just have to be calm, relax and be more comfortable in what ever you are wearing to an interview. I always tell myself that as long as you are dressed professionally with the proper clothes you have nothing to worry about.

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