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7 Men’s styles oversight And How To Fix Them

7 Men’s styles oversight And How To Fix Them

Getting everything perfect when dressing up can be a little bit complicated and hard from wearing the perfect suit to finding the right accessories, to be sincere it’s very much confusing for me every time I want to try something new but I always make sure I get everything 70% if not 100% perfect.

With so much to consider when going for your desired outfit we have put together some of the most common oversight that could be holding back your look and we also explain how to go about them.

#Bulging Pockets

Bulging Pockets

Even though they serve as carriers for our little essential needs, over stuffing the pockets of your jeans or even your chinos can quickly spoil your looks. At the very best, this over stuffing the pocket of your jeans or chinos will affect the sharpness of a silhouette you have worked hard to perfect, and at the very worst it can get mistaken for a bizarre physical abnormality

The Fix

I know that most of us don’t like to carry bag around, so do you fix stuffing your pockets? Simple, the quick fix for pockets stuff is to simply not put anything in them and carry everything in a weekender.
Another ways is to slim down your wallet size which is pretty much far more easier, you can do this by dropping old receipts, throw away expired gift cards and you can also reduce the amount of cash you carry around, Better yet, swap the whole wallet out for a slimmer, more stylish leather card holder.

‎#Sub-par Shoelaces


Scientifically proven it shows that the first thing an individual will notice about your appearance first is your shoe and that unsurprisingly includes your shoelaces, this is the level of attention that win style kudos.

The Fix

Shoelaces are meant to be treated with style, like your undies shoe laces should be replaced regularly most especially when they are kind of dirty or maybe lost their anglet (metal or plastic at the edge of your shoelaces). One of the best method to make your shoes look more classic, clean and stylish is to replace your shoe laces with new once or preferably wash the old ones.

Most men don’t really buy the idea of keeping tab with their shoelaces well that’s fine instead you can just opt in for laceless footwear like Monkstraps or Loafers for smarter events.

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#Shirt Cuff Cuts Off

Shirt cuffs

Most people will argue that your suit dress is perfect only when half an inch of shirt cuff is peeking out of your jacket arm, although I can’t really say this is true but what I can really testify to is that cuff cut off really makes your suit dress looks 100% smart.

The Fix

Although the fix to this vary, but one thing to consider is your body type. So to get this right you will have to make sure that the jacket finishes up at your wrist bone, then you can decide from there. Well to decide the best style, ‎taller men who wish to appear more in proportion should show minimal cuff, while shorter men looking for the illusion of height should show slightly more. For anyone in-between, the average is around half an inch to three-quarters.

Just note that this style is not only limited to the formal look alone, you can try this to your regular casual looks to add more style to your outfits, try this when layering your jumper and jackets to add more details.

#Wardrobe Mismanagement

Wardrobe management

If you are like me who is serious about style then spending tidy sum of money on clothes, shoes and the rest over the years is a thing I consider important – so it’s only economical to look after it all.

The Fix

If you still make use of cheap wire version hangers that bend rather than support your wears, it’s high time you upgrade your hangers to plastics or even better wooden hangers, this type helps your clothes keeps their shape. ‎Remember only to hang T-shirts , shirts, outerwear and trousers; hanging knitted jumpers or cardigans leads to warping.

Also do not stuff your wardrobe leaving no space in it, not only do garments need room to breathe, cramming too many into one space leads to creasing and also prevents you from clearly seeing the weapons at your disposal when putting together a look. Do make sure your take out those wears that are out-of-season.

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Don’t forget about your shoes, they need to be clean and polished regularly and always make sure to stuff shoe tree inside your best shoe after you wear them in other to help soak up moisture and retain its leather shape, there by increasing its lifespan.

#‎Deodorant/Sweat Marks On Your Shirts

Deodorant / sweat marks

Seeing the marks of any of these, the Deodorant or sweat on your shirt will look a bit disappointing, and when ever you try to keep your cool Deodorant/sweat marks are the enemy, but when you learn how to stay on top of both pays dividend all year round.

The Fix

Even though they are not the most embarrassing stains of all but deodorant marks are not less unsightly and largely unavoidable in a situation where by you are in a rush. To get rid, some advise rubbing the mark gently with a pair of women’s tights, as the static will help loosen the residue. Chances are you don’t have a pair of these in your work bag, though, so using a damp towel is the next best option until you get home.

See Also

When it comes to sweat, if your deodorant isn’t doing it all for you, you can always upgrade to an antiperspirants, which will actually prevent the flow. You should also note that coffee and spicy lunch also triggers the sweat glands so you should know how you take them.

‎#Not Ironing Your Clothes Properly

Rough shirt

The fact is that no matter how much you spend buying a clothes, when you put on the clothes without ironing them properly will give the impression that you don’t really care.

The Fix

Always make sure your wears are properly ironed before you put them on, men shirt are often the main focus when it comes to proper ironing, for the newbies. Start by ironing the collar, first on the underside, then on top. Move on to the cuffs, which should be crisply folded. Then the front two halves – first, go in between the buttons, before smoothing out the rest. Once this is done, flip it over and iron the back, starting at the top section (known as the yoke) and going around a box pleat if there is one.

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Always note that ironing the sleeves should be done last because this part is really tricky unlike the other areas, here you are ironing two layers at once, so the key is to ensure the fabric is completely flat and smoothed down before the iron touches it. ‎Formal dress shirts should have a crease down the sleeve, so find the existing crease starting at the shoulder and work down. For more casual shirts that don’t require a crease, try rolling up a towel and putting it inside the sleeve – you’ll be able to iron properly without the tell-tale line.

Wish to go for a more easy method? You can buy a steamer, which is best in alleviating creases through heat to elax the garment fabrics.

#Wearing Your Tie Clip Wrongly

Tie clip

For some years now the tie bars have been a mark in terms of fashion, but one difficult thing is getting them right.

The Fix

You should note that the width of your tie bar should only be determined by the width of the tie and also it should not hang at the edge of your tie so it should only cover about three quarters and should be placed in between the third and fourth button of the shirt. If you are to choose what colour works well with the metal of your tie bar, silver will be ok because its a perennial favourite and goes hand in hand with most ties and suits combination, but professionally speaking when choosing your tie bar always go for what matches your watch, wedding ring and whatever other metallic accessories you are wearing.

So you know the tie bar is not there for decoration rather you fix the tie bar in order to prevent your tie from flapping in the wind, just make sure you clip both end of the tie while securing them to your shirts placket. ‎Once clipped on, give the tie a little pull above the clip to allow some extra slack for movement. It’s hard to look stylish when your neck is firmly pulled into place all day.

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