It’s really simple looking like a fashion star, one thing most people still don’t get is that – being fashionable do not necessarily need all the most expensive clothes and the biggest brand in the world, all you need is to have a good knowledge of styling wears and understanding little tweak and before you know it, you are already looking like a fashionista with your wardrobe staples.

Anyone can be a stylist as long as they can do well with ideas and latest style, if you want to be a good style goddess all you need is to know about some vital style tips to keep you looking gorgeous and fabulous. Today you will learn some basic styling tips to keep you on track, so let’s get started.

Adding A White Shirt To Your Wardrobe

Fashion Styling Tips

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White shirt has been one of the greatest wardrobe staples around, they are really great even for the fact that they are timeless and have not gone out of fashion. The white shirt is a lifesaver, they can be worn with almost anything from your regular jeans, ankara, pants and so on. If you are out shopping for a white shirt make sure you go for a structured white shirt cause they are really versatile.

Avoid Being Matchy-Matchy

Fashion Styling Tips

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Seriously you don’t want to look like you are coming from the past when walking down the street, you should know that it’s 2019 not 2001 you don’t want to match everything on you with the same colours. You really don’t want to be matchy with your clothes accessories and shoes, you don’t necessarily have to put on the same colour of bag and shoes – it’s best to start matching different colours moderately. It’s an art to wear colours that contrast than put on matching colours.

Selectively Show Your Skin

Fashion Styling Tips

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When you wish to show a part of your skin you should know that there is a general rule to it and you should choose to show only one focal point for example you can choose to show one of these focal point cleavage, legs, back or your figure – please note that there is a tiny line between looking smoking hot, sexy and looking like a trash when you try too hard.
If you want to dress up showing your figure you should note that the length of your dress is better below your knees and if you are after showing off your hot legs, you really don’t have to show off your cleavage, the same applies when you are after showing off your cleavage with a low cut neckline dress everywhere else like your arm and leg needs to be covered properly, you don’t want to show off everything at the same time.

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Don’t Be Too Obvious

Fashion Styling Tips

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When styling you can go overboard with your options, there are certain colours that obviously go hand in hand with each other, you can match black with almost everything but so can everyone else. To differentiate yourself from others you can try out colours that are less obvious when matching your outfits for example you can try the colour combination of orange skirt with a pink or a navy blue and nude pumps instead of regular black.

Pick A Focal Point For You

Fashion Styling Tips

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We all know that accessories are a way to boost your outfits and switch on the swag, but do you know that they can also be a way kill your outfits if you are not being careful. In order to avoid this happening to you, you have to choose one focal point for your looks.
It’s simple, it’s either your accessories or your clothes, if you choose your accessories make sure you pair them with plain clothes in neutral or solid colours, but if you choose your clothes don’t pair too much accessories with bold prints and big pattern it will kill the look easily.

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