Yes, I know am not the only one who – every once in a while feel like getting new clothes for my wardrobe.

The truth about shopping is that it’s really fun if you are not shopping with limited fund, but it’s less interesting if you regularly have to check how much is left in your purse to shop with.

I noticed that as a lady, having a boring wardrobe can leave you confused of what to wear or even make you feel like you should never go out, well just so you know, it’s really easy to solve this issue and the good news is that you don’t have to toss away your old clothes or spend all your money on new once, all you really need is some helpful tips and patience to make the most off your shopping experience.

Today I will be putting you through some budget friendly tips to spice up your wardrobe and you don’t need to break the bank to do so.

So lets get started…

Go Through What You Already Have

First thing first, before going for your shopping adventure you really need to go through your closet and check out what you already have, you might just find out that you already have what you are planning to shop, or may be still you can come across some of your old wears your can stylishly rock pretty well.

Set a Budget

The truth is that when you set a budget for yourself before going for shopping you tend to work with logical decision, setting a budget is a tactical way of restricting yourself from buying unnecessary item you will later regret. Here is a quick tip for you, always go shopping with cash in hand instead of using your bank card to pay because it’s more easier to spend more money using your bank card. So when next you are going out for shopping be sure to go with cash and leave your card at home.

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Watch Out For Sales / Discounts

If you really want to have fun when shopping, it’s really cool to watch out for things like Sales, Discounts and clearance. Don’t ever feel shy to use coupon codes when checking out or probably go through clearance racks in store, the aim here is to shop more items for lesser price.

Think Before Selecting

I know it’s really fun to shop the latest styles you come across, but if you are on a tight / friendly budget you will really need to keep things simple, make sure you go to any store with a mission before picking any item to purchase.
Once you pick what you want, first you need to make a mental check and also consider its functionality, compare to see if the piece will go with Atleast two to three items you already own, if yes then you are good to go but if NO you need to put the piece back, pieces that don’t match well with others aren’t worth the money

Stay Away From Trends

Yes you may be thinking it useless, but trust me you need to stay away from shopping the latest trending items especially when you are shopping on a tight budget. Just so you know, trends come and go so quick and if you are the type that always keep up with the latest trend you will end up with a bunch of clothes you can’t wear again because they are out of trend. So it will be wise if you shop timeless piece that will last longer.

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So what do you think of our tips on how to go shopping on a tight budget? If you have amazing tips on how to shop on tight budget you can share them using the comment box below.

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