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7 Men’s styles oversight And How To Fix Them

Getting everything perfect when dressing up can be a little bit complicated and hard from wearing the perfect suit to finding the right accessories, to be sincere it’s very much confusing for me every time I want to try something new but I always make sure I get everything 70% if not 100% perfect. With so much to consider when going for your desired outfit we have put together some of the most common oversight that could be holding back your look and we also explain how to go about… Read More

Consider These 6 As The Best Accessories Every Man Should Own

Anytime I open up my wardrobe to start dressing up the first question that pop up to me is what accessories will I be going out with, I always consider accessories as key element to my outfits and I strongly think you should do too. When talking about accessories for men, you all can agree with me that men don’t have that endless option women have when selecting accessories, men are limited to few accessories but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good with what we have, in fact if… Read More

This Style Tips Will Change Your Ideas About Sweatshirt

There was a time when I actually got tired of wearing all of my sweatshirt the same style and seriously it was boring until I tried new ways of wearing sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and with the cool weather so far it’s time to get yourself styled up. This post will try to explain how you can wear some of your sweatshirt in different ways with a few tips and transform them into a style-savvy shrine. Sport Luxe When it comes to comfort and modernity… Read More

Real Men Wear Pink But Does That Make Pink The New Black?

Actually if you expect me to tell you that pink colour is black well am sorry to disappoint you its certainly not, because pink and black are two different colours, but pink It’s definitely a colour that needs a place in your closet. The article below will certainly guide you through on how to pull of pink wears perfectly and trust me in no time you will love the pink outfits when next you do your shopping. Salmon or as many people may know it pink is a statement colour… Read More