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5 Outfits Mistake To Avoid When Going For An Interview

Do you know that there is nothing that matters most than your first impression, especially when you are going for an interview. The truth is that we just need to try our best when it comes to first impression, I remember when I had my first interview – believe me I was really scared, but I was with full confidence that I will be giving the job because my dressing was well coordinated, so you see first impression is bound to happen especially if it’s an interview you are going… Read More

Creatively Make Use Of Your Small Closet For Quick Outfit Pairing

So you move to a new apartment everything seems nice and clean not until you discover that your closet is just too small for all your wears, and now you are left to figure out how to fit in all your clothes into this small closet without making the closet look like a mess waiting to explode immediately the door opens. The worst part will be when you find it really hard to pick what outfit to put on all because your closet is not well arranged. Well the good… Read More

Check Out These Turban Styles That Are Trending Hot On Instagram

Do you follow fashion trends and you love viewing the latest fashion styles? If yes, I bet you will definitely love what we have in store for you right here. Turbans are the latest styles fashionista and Instagram bloggers are spicing their outfits with, once you take a good look at some turbans worn by top models you will realise that not only are turbans ‘Super Stylish’ but also they add that drip on any outfit taking it from just ‘Really Nice‘ to ‘Extremely Amazing‘ in a blink. Just before… Read More

Switch On Your Work Mode With Any Of These Stylish Blouse

Sometimes it’s really cool to switch things up when it comes to work outfits, I know most of you get tired of wearing dresses from Monday to Friday how about trying a blouse paired with a skirt or pants. There are a lot of stylish blouses out there that can switch on your work mode in no time, and believe me some will make you love your work on mondays. Are you out of ideas on what style of blouse to wear to work? Well good thing you are here… Read More

5 Budget Friendly Tips To Shop Like A Celebrity

Yes, I know am not the only one who – every once in a while feel like getting new clothes for my wardrobe. The truth about shopping is that it’s really fun if you are not shopping with limited fund, but it’s less interesting if you regularly have to check how much is left in your purse to shop with. I noticed that as a lady, having a boring wardrobe can leave you confused of what to wear or even make you feel like you should never go out, well… Read More

These Sporty Wears Are The Perfect Weekend Outfits!

So it’s weekend again I know most of you are just so excited with the fact that it’s time to stay comfortable all day long. Staying comfortable and stylish all day long during the weekend will depend on your general outfit. For some, pulling incredible style with maxi dresses has been the trend but seriously there are other amazing options you can go for during the weekend and one of them is the sporty outfits; they are pretty comfortable and easy to explore. If you are among those who who… Read More

5 Type Of Bra A Lady Needs in Her Closet

It’s really good to know that different activities or event requires different kind of bra, it could be just for comfort in some event or maybe for the right fit for your outfits. It is good as a woman for you to have different type of bra for different occasions, some bra may look all good making your boobs look extremely great in your outfit but may hurt you pretty bad because they are not comfortable for you. Getting to know this will save you a lot of stress, just… Read More

10 Fabulous Colour Combination For Your Outfits

The truth is that you can have all the money you can get and also flaunt all those expensive things you always wish for but the fact still remain that your outfit will always look dull and less awesome every time you try to match two different colours together and get the clothing colour combination wrong, just so you know ‘matching two different colours of outfits is as much of a science than it is an art‘. When it comes to colour combinations for your outfits you really need to… Read More

Let’s Teach You 5 Tips On How To Look Expensive On A Low Budget

Do you want to know a secret? Well the truth is that not everyone you see looking stylish on your instagram page has such fund when compared to how expensive their outfits may look – some just con it, and the truth is that they still look fabulous. These days fashion bloggers and instagram celebrities just keep making us double tap each and every picture they post because of how amazing they look, they sometimes leave us wondering if they are modelling for a big brand like cosmo or something,… Read More

4 Ways To Dress To Make Your Boobs Look Smaller — Busty Girls

As a woman, getting a big boobs can be a great asset for you as you will be envied by women and also easily grab the attention of men. Sometimes you just feel like you need something different, you really don’t want to be seen almost every time as ‘that girl with big boobs’, believe it or not there are other things to direct attention to not only big boobs. Most busty girls problem when dressing up is to find a way to make there boobs look smaller, well there… Read More