The truth is that you can have all the money you can get and also flaunt all those expensive things you always wish for but the fact still remain that your outfit will always look dull and less awesome every time you try to match two different colours together and get the clothing colour combination wrong, just so you know

matching two different colours of outfits is as much of a science than it is an art‘.

When it comes to colour combinations for your outfits you really need to achieve a balanced look when pairing them together, when you understand good details and sensibility of how colour works believe me you will find it more easy and fun to match different colours for your outfits.

First you need to carefully observe and understand how your favourite fashion designers are doing well with colour combinations, most of them if not all have their personal signature shades they play around with to create astonishing looks. So you need to stay on the safer side and understand what you are going for.

When it comes to clothing colour combinations you need to understand the rules to break the rules.

Are you finding it hard to match colours perfectly when putting on outfits? Well I don’t blame you because it’s really hard, infact I know a lot of people who just stick to the regular Black, White and Gray with their blue jeans everyday.

Well that stops today!

As I will be putting you through some fashion tips on how you can easily pair outfits with the perfect colour combinations so you can look glamorous when next you upload those sexy pictures on INSTAGRAM.

How To Choose The Perfect Colour Combination

So we have been talking about colour combinations for your outfits and how to pair them properly but the real question here is how do you know the perfect colour to match when you want to combine different colours for your outfits because we all know it’s really difficult and confusing when it comes to matching colours for your outfits, but trust me when you master the art and science of colour combinations you will always dress up looking fabulous. So to understand the process of matching different colours together we really need to understand the basis of colour theory using the colour wheel.

The Colour Wheel Theory

The colour wheel theory by Sir isaac newton which was invented in the 18th century, where he tries to explain the colour spectrum by using a wheel which visually explains the common relationship that exist between these colours, for the purpose of this topic we will explain colour combinations for outfits, although this science of colour combinations can literally be applied to anything else.

The colour wheel deals with 5 categories which are;

  • Primary Colours
  • Secondary Colours
  • Tertiary Colours
  • Warm and Cool Colours
  • Neutral Colours

1. Primary Colours

These are unique colours in which no two colours can be mixed together to achieve them, the primary colours consist of Red, Yellow and Blue. Every other colour can be derived using the combination of these primary colours.

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2. Secondary Colours

The secondary colours are colours that are derived from the combination of the primary colours for example the mixture of Red and Blue will provide a secondary colour of Purple, and the combination of Blue and Yellow will result to Green which is a secondary colour.

3. Tertiary Colours

Just as secondary colours are derived from the combination of primary colours so are the tertiary colours, colours such as the Mint, Aqua, Corals are all tertiary colours that are derived from the combination of both primary and secondary colours.

4. Warm and Cool Colours

Apart from being either primary, secondary or tertiary these colours can be categories in different ways, for example the warmer colour are colours that make things look smaller in size that is why most time we go for warmer colours when we want to dress looking slimmer. Some of the warmer colours include; Yellow, Orange, Brown, Red and so on.

5. Neutral Colours

These are colours that work pretty well with other colours, making it very hard for these colours to clash with other colours. You should already have outfits with the neutral colours, the neutral colours consist of White, Gray, Black, Taupe and so on.

Check Out This Colour Options For Quick Guide

Black Colour Option

Black colour combination

Grey Colour Option

Gray colour combination

Brown Colour Option

Brown colour combination

Green Colour Option

Green colour combination

Blue Colour Option

Blue colour combination

Purple Colour Option

Purple colour combination

Pink Colour Option

Pink colour combination

Red Colour Option

Red colour combination

Orange Colour Option

Orange colour combination

Yellow Colour Option

Yellow colour combination

Tan Colour Option

Tan colour combination

White Colour Option

White colour combination

Principles Of Clothing Colour Combination

To some of us there are a lot of reasons behind the colour combination of our outfits, infact my mood usually play a great part in deciding what colours I will be combining for my outfits each and every day.
So you see before you start matching colours together there are principles behind it and it’s really good for you to know that, but what are the principles of clothing colour combinations?

Pair and spare colour combination

Just like I said earlier, clothing colour combinations is just as a science as it is an art, so when matching different colours you need to know that there are different principles to it which includes, complementary, analogous, triadic.

1. Analogous

If you want to look striking and stylish at the same time, the best way to do this is simply combining two different shades of colours from the colour wheel and *Boom* you are good to go. The combination of two or more shades of colours is seen as Analogous.

2. Complementary

Even though they are opposite to each other in the colour wheel, these colours work perfectly well when combined together. The complementary colours include; Violet and Yellow, Red and Green, Blue and Orange.

They might seems bold when paired together but the result is astonishing.

3. Triadic

Triadic is the combination of colours that are entirely equidistant from each other on the colour wheel, even though they look great together you can make things more interesting by choosing to match the muted shades of this colours to make your outfits look amazing.

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10 Amazing Clothing Colour Combination You Can Try

1. Pink and Pale Blue

Pink and Pale Blue colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

When it comes to spring we all know pastels speaks louder, there is nothing great and eye-catching as two subtle colours paired together, this colours can be as bright as a pop colour when styled correctly.

Well you can start a really nice day with a nice soft pale blue cashmere sweater combined with a fabulous pink jacket, you can balance this colour combination with a white stiletto statement shoe to make a great outfit of the day.

2. Clementine Orange and Cobalt Blue

Clementine Orange and Cobalt Blue colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

Well I can’t stop imagining myself in these colours, when you combine Orange and Cobalt Blue stylish is one step behind you. This colour combination is really perfect as you don’t really need any neutral colour to balance the look and the great thing about the colour match is that both Gold or Silver will go perfectly okay when choosing your accessories.

You can pair a regal Blue dress and a flat Turquoise shoe, with this outfits you are perfectly ready for your next occasion, and oh, don’t forget to pair with your statement necklace.

3. Tan and Maroon

Tan and Maroon colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

Even though they can be paired with almost any colour, neutral colours can be really hard to style and when styled wrongly Tan and light neutral colours can leave you looking boring. Although that doesn’t make them less interesting besides what way to look stylish if not pairing the wrong colours at the right time.

Neutral colours can be absolutely perfect for example if you pair them with deep rich colours, one way to get a perfect heaven made colour combination is by pairing Tan and Maroon all together.

4. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

The Black and Yellow are one unique colour combination as there is no one way you can utilise this idea, the Black and Yellow are one versatile colour which can be styled which ever way you desire.

If you love this colour combination you can try a Yellow pant combined with a nice Black top believe me this will give you that complementary look you are after, meanwhile you can extend the colour options of this colour combination through your accessories.

5. Heather Gray and Mongoose Brown

Heather Gray and Mongoose Brown colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

Previously we discussed about colour blocking and how to go about it, well the truth is that the best way to achieve the perfect colour blocking is with the combination of Gray and Brown together.

You can combine Heather Gray and Mongoose Brown or may be a simple Brown skirt mixed with Gray top which ever way will work perfectly, also your shoes matters a lot so a nude shoe will give that complete feeling you need to step out to a fresh sunrise.

6. Amaranth Red and Green

Amaranth Red and Green colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

To be honest this colour combination has been my favourite for a very long time now, it’s amazing how you can combine your Green accessories and a nice looking Red dress easily.

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This colour combination has made it easy to combine two separate colours to make a bold statement while keeping everything simple.

You can easily style a Red Blazer and a Red pant with your Green accessories and alternatively put on a White shirt under your blazer in order to highlight this combination by adding brightness and contrast to the Red and Green colours.

7. White and Blue

White and Blue colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

Yes a neutral colour I know right, but believe me even though White will easily work well with all colours no other colours bring out the best of White just as much as the Blue does, infact when you pair White and Blue together it makes your skin looks Fabulous and set a good statement.

This colour combination is so versatile that you can easily combine either gold or silver accessories to make your day look super astonishing.

8. Flamingo Pink and Violet

Flamingo Pink and Violet colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

Pink and Violet combination is the new trend as more and more celebrities are showing off some crazy outfits with the Pink and Violet combination.

You can try on some nice bold coloured pants like the Violet pants and mix things up with a great Flamingo Pink top, there is nothing fabulous as this colour combination when you add up a nice luxury bag.

9. Orange and Rosebud Cherry

Orange and Rosebud Cherry colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

Are you looking for the perfect summer outfit colour combination? Well the truth is that you will stop looking once you try combining Orange and Cherry colours.

The best thing I noticed is that the Rosebud Cherry colour is absolutely flattering for every skin tones and when you combine that with your Orange deep rich tones this will ensure everything is not too striking. To make everything more balanced you can try Orange shirt and match things up with a Purple pant, gold accessories will be nice too.

10. Green and Brown

Green and Brown colour combination

Instagram: @ironyofashi

The Green and Brown combination is the total combination of fresh and clean, this colour combination I can say look absolutely perfect on most complexion, when you want to pair your next outfits using the Green and Brown make sure you note that if you are warm toned you need to focus on dark Green, Khaki and Mustard whereby if you are cool toned you can easily enhance your outfits by adding Brown and iridescent Greens to your outfits.

The best way you can totally rock this colour combination perfectly is when you pair a Green blazer/jacket and a simple Brown short dress / skirt or jeans then make your accessories Green, this will give you the everyday chic look you crave for.


Colour combinations is absolutely an easy way to add vibrancy and take your wardrobe staples to the next level, you can add up some warm colours and mix them up with solid colours and watch the transformation in your daily outfits, always remember to keep things simple and don’t be afraid to mix it up, ‘know the rules before you break them’.

So which of these 10 perfect colour combinations is your favourite, cause mine is number #5

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