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Consider These 6 As The Best Accessories Every Man Should Own

Consider These 6 As The Best Accessories Every Man Should Own

Anytime I open up my wardrobe to start dressing up the first question that pop up to me is what accessories will I be going out with, I always consider accessories as key element to my outfits and I strongly think you should do too.

When talking about accessories for men, you all can agree with me that men don’t have that endless option women have when selecting accessories, men are limited to few accessories but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good with what we have, in fact if styled properly you can boost your outfit. So on this article we have explained 6 essential accessories we think every man should own.

#Men’s Wallets

Men's wallet

Are you looking for a classic men’s wallet or maybe a card holder preferably you fancy investing in a more malleable option that can squeeze into all your pockets? Am definitely sure you will find a wallet that attracts your eye.
Incase you are planning to buy one or just feel like adding extra more well you can go for something clean and simple, I will suggest Herschel wallet. Been around for 10years now, this show that you can get quality wallets from them, one of my favourite is the Herschel johnny wallet, it’s zipped shows its well secured and can carry all your essentials and very easy to expand and fit in all your cash, the multipurpose wallets shows that it’s suitable for office use and a night walk too.

#Men’s Bags

Men's bags

Men’s messenger bags, men’s satchel bags, men’s rucksacks and men’s travel bags are all great options. Planning to go out and you don’t want to forget that important item like your phone charger or you plan to visit the gym or maybe still you just can’t go anywhere without your laptop? well the men’s bags can always do the trick for you, allowing you to carry enough items easily through out the day.
‎Brands like Porter & Yoshida, Sandqvist and Eastpak have an array of bags that will fit any guy’s needs. Our favourites include the Tanker 2Way briefcase from Porter & Yoshida, they are perfect for your daily trip to the office, gym or any other location you like to visit.

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#The Belts

Men's belt

One accessories that is essential to every man no matter what time of the year is the men’s belt, it’s good to always have different belt for different occasions.
One of my favourites is the woven belts, they are pretty perfect for warmer weathers as they add more style to your casual outfits while still giving the touch of formal edge to your style.
If you are more classically inclined to formal attires then you should consider the smooth leather belts. Extra tips you should always make sure that the colour of your belt matches that of your shoes, that is if you are putting on black belt please make sure you put on black shoes and the same applies if you are putting on brown belt.

#Sunglasses Are Perfect

Men's sunglasses

Well I can’t promise you putting on sunglasses will turn you into a Hollywood movie star but believe me when you rock any of these you will always feel like one, the Ray-Ban and persol make you look 60% cooler.

#Mens Watches

Men's watches

See Also

Are you one of those that are always late to almost every occasions or always miss special events and you have promised to invest in some nice clean watches? Well weather you are looking for men’s digital watches or wish to go for something much more classic, just know there is always one out there.
Casio one of the market leaders has been providing exceptional piece of watch for almost 70 years now, you can be sure that your brand new casio will always stand the test of time any day.
‎However, if like me, you can always see the investment in a good quality watch, then I’d recommend for you the Swedish designed, Swiss made watch company, am talking about the Larsson & Jennings . They are a little more expensive but trust me, you will definitely be able to tell the difference. Coming in a variety of styles, and at various price points, Larsson & Jennings will definitely have something for you.

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Men's hat

Whenever you feel like adding a bit of colour to your outfits you can always consider the men’s hat, it could be a hat or a snap back hat they are all great ways to introduce more style to your looks, just know that there are plenty of choice out there when it comes to headgear.
If you are the type that love something minimalist and simple like me then you can never go wrong with the beanie, the black beanie hat from the north face is a spot option this season.

Final Words

Accessories are a great way of introducing more styles and colour into your outfits, we have successfully break down 6 best accessories every man should go for and they are;

  • Wallet – A classic zip-around wallet will work perfectly for everyday and for every man.
  • Bag – Think of what you’ll be using it for and choose accordingly.
  • Belt – Think of what outfits you’ll be pairing it with and always match the colour to your shoes.
  • Sunglasses – Think of your face shape and try a few pairs on so you get the right pair.
  • Watches – Think of where you’ll be wearing one and invest accordingly.
  • Hat – Again, your head shape will determine what will suit you, so try a few out before you invest.

Make sure you always stick with classic styles and colours so you don’t complicate your looks. When choosing your accessories make sure you go for versatile colours such as black, gray and navy, these colours tend to match most wears in your wardrobe‎

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