So you move to a new apartment everything seems nice and clean not until you discover that your closet is just too small for all your wears, and now you are left to figure out how to fit in all your clothes into this small closet without making the closet look like a mess waiting to explode immediately the door opens.

The worst part will be when you find it really hard to pick what outfit to put on all because your closet is not well arranged. Well the good news is that we are here for you with some cool tips on how to fit in your clothes in smaller closets.

Small Wardrobe tips for quick outfit pairing

There are times when we are late for work, school or event and eventually we just tend to put on any outfit that we saw first when we open our closet, but only to end up with regrets because we look like a total mess.

Many times we wish we can just put on clothes once with changing them immediately because they don’t look fabulous on us, to avoid this all you need to do is to learn how to organise your closet in a way that it will be easy for you to go through all your stuff, it doesn’t matter how small your closet may look all you need to do is to make use of creative storage options to maximize the amount of usable space you can get.

Below we have some basic tips on how to make use of smaller closet to arrange your outfits so it will be easier for you to navigate through.

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Categorize Your Clothes

Small Wardrobe tips for quick outfit pairing First thing first, you need to categories your outfits, you can easily separate them be keeping corporate outfits away from party wears, separate stylish wears from casual and also keep bottoms away from tops. You can make thing simple for you by forming two piles; one for thing you do wear often and another for thing you don’t wear regularly. With this trick it will make your outfits easily accessible to you as you tend to put what your favourite outfits in front while leaving the others at the back.

Temporarily Do Away With Seasonal Wears

Small Wardrobe tips for quick outfit pairing You and I know that not all your clothes are useful through out the season, some of your clothes like your jumper and cardigan are not in use during the summer and you leaving them in your closet only occupy space. Instead you can temporarily keep them away for the season they are less useful, you can use your suitcase as long-term storage for these items.

Strategically Hang Your Clothes

Small Wardrobe tips for quick outfit pairing The first mistake one could make is by hanging clothes in closet without even thinking about it, believe this is the easiest way to achieve a disorganized closet. To keep things more professional do hang lightweight clothes like chiffon and your dresses, this will make you pick the right outfit combination and look astonishing, and remember if you hang ironed clothes they stay neat and always ready to be worn.

Make Use Of Everything

Small Wardrobe tips for quick outfit pairing Yes you heard that right, for your to maximize your small closet you need to make use of every kind of storage items. These can include the use of shoe racks or caddy, small plastic drawers, wicker baskets and stackable boxes. No matter what you are using just know that the idea is to maximize the amount of usable storage and to make sure that all your clothes are well organised.

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With this few tips I know by now you feel no matter how small your closet is, you don’t have to worry much and besides outfits pairing just got a lot easier. You are welcome!

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