Even though most women wish to keep their lives private, hiding baby bump can be a very difficult task. Although it may be pretty hard to keep pregnancy a secret till after birth but there are few ways you can hide baby bump for the first few month – at least 4 months before the big surprise.

It will really mean a lot for most women to go out while pregnant without people noticing their baby bump, well going unnoticed with pregnancy can be a lot harder cause they are really easy to spot especially when they are old – say 6-7 month old, but within the first 4 month you can go out looking classy while hiding baby bump without drawing more attention, successfully hiding baby bump may requires skills and trying on different clothes before picking the right one to slay in, but not to worry as we will explain 4 simple trick you can stick to if you wish to hide baby bump before the big secret is revealed.

Peplum Tops

Peplum top baby bump

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65 percent of pregnant women who tried hiding baby bump opt in for peplum tops and this is because peplum tops are flare with cinched waist.
If you ever consider hiding baby bump you can try that with a peplum top, for an effective result make sure you put on peplum top that is one size bigger than your regular outfit size.

Go For Loose Blouse / Oversized Shirt

Oversized women shirt baby bump

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One of the best tip to hide baby bump at the early stages is putting on something smart and elegant, loose blouses and oversized shirt are great way to look stylish when hiding baby bumps. For a little idea tips both chiffon and satin blouses works pretty well for hiding baby bumps or maybe not, you prefer an oversized sweatshirt styled perfectly with a pencil skirt, you can also look smart with a cashmere or a denim boyfriend shirt.

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Make Prints, Patterns and Stripes Your Favourite

Prints outfit baby bump

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If you know how to match patterns together then you are totally safe with hiding baby bumps, with all the activities that will be created by your patterns this will distract peoples attention in noticing any bump. So make things great with some nice stripes, patterns, flowers, plaid or polka dot.

Accessories For The Look

Note: your plan is to divert peoples attention away from noticing baby bump and a really simple and easy way to do this is dressing up in eye-catching / attention grabbing accessories, you need accessories in order to give them something else to talk about, so accessorise in a distracting way. You can grab peoples attention with a chunky necklace, a fancy scarf, cute fascinator, a long chain or anything to grab the attention off your belly.

Everything Black

Black outfit baby bump

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Do you know black makes you look slimmer? Well it does and most women do put on black to cover up baby bumps and it totally looks great.
If you are planning to hide baby bump for the first 3-4month a really nice tip to stick with is styling with black outfits, they are great in hiding baby bump without people noticing.

You should also note that there is no great way to hide baby bumps for complete 9 month but this few tips above can help you scale through the first 4 month without drawing too much attention to yourself.

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