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Lazy Day Outfits: 8 Brilliant Chic Ideas To Try In 2019

Lazy Day Outfits: 8 Brilliant Chic Ideas To Try In 2019

Chic are of different shapes, sizes, types and personalities. While the lazy ones are those who wish to put on ‘Lazy Day Outfits’ all day long in other to feel well relaxed, reasons is that they don’t wish to spend a lot of time getting dressed up and putting much energy in fashion, although these kind of girls still look absolutely good but in a very simple and easier way. There are days girls will love to dress up in their best selves, that is dress up completely with the shinning accessories and the highest heels, while there are days where they just want to put on whatever comes up in the wardrobe, even though they still want to look all cute and comfortable.

Lazy girls can style a lot of cute outfits to various occasions and places like birthday parties, Sunday brunch, lunch dates and also office functions. What really matters most to this girls is getting top fashion with a simple style, so if you are one of the lazy chic who really love fashion with easy style – here is an amazing lazy chic outfits ideas for you to choose today, these outfits are just as comfortable as your pyjamas but they are a thousand times more appropriate to wear in public.

#Leggings + #Shirt

Leggings and shirt

One versatile female wear I know is the Leggings, surely every female has a leggings in their closet. Lazy day outfits can be easily achieved with a pair of leggings matched with that favourite tees of yours, you can also go for a more casual look while fixing your hair In the bun style. This is one of the easiest lazy day outfiteally don’t have to worry about fixing belt and buttons. To finish up the looks you can pair these up with your sneakers or sandals, which ever way suit you.

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#Mom Jeans + #Shirt

Mom jeans and shirt

There is no surprise that vintage clothing is back, just like they say #History will surely repeat itself, the real deal now is the mom jeans which is absolutely trending. For the lazy day outfits you can ditch your regular denim for some chunkier pants. The mom jeans are so very much easy to style since you only need your tee to look great in them, you can go for a nice shirt that allows you to move freely in them. This outfits can be worn with your shirt tucked in.

#Denim Shorts + #Top

Denim shorts and top

Most women love the combo of the short and shirt because the outfits is a no-brainer, which is relatively easy to put on in no time. This is another lazy day outfits ideas for you tonother lazy day outfits ideas for you to try on, in order to look clean and fantastic with this look, you should put on something more fancier like V-neck shirt. For this look you don’t need too much accessories on you, so you can just go with minimal accessories, and if you don’t feel like putting on your high heels your sneakers or even sandals will do the trick for you.

#Short Dress + #Sneakers

Short dress and sneakers

If you don’t feel like dressing up on a regular day does not make you feel lazy, sometimes all you really need is that simple but yet perfect dress that will make you feel comfortable all through the day. Want something easy to wear that take little time to style? Well you can go for a short dress combined with sneakers for a date night, for work or even for a night out with the girls.

#Drawstring Waist Shorts + #Shirt

Drawstring waist shorts and top

With no much effort for a classic look you can style your outfit nicely with a pair of drawstring waist shorts and a shirt, this outfits is pretty light and will make you feel more comfortable, just so you know drawstring are versatile and are not only made for the beach. You can easily pair the drawstring waist short with tank tops, crop shirt and also loose shirts, and if your next visit is formal you can mix things up with a polished blazer and boom you are good to go.

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lazy day outfits

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One comfortable piece for the lazy day outfits is your jumper, they are easy outfits because with your jumper all your need is a shirt to start your day. With the jumper on, you will really need a casual footwear that is where you go for your sneakers so you don’t waste too much time looking for the perfect set of high heels. The jumper are more advantageous set of wears to start your day with, they can easily be paired with fitted tank top, loose shirt or a long sleeve crop top. You should braid your hair for a more fun look.

#Culottes + #Top

lazy day outfits

Tired of putting on fitted pants? Well for your lazy day look you can go for something different, what about a culottes and a top. Although you need to look more classic for events or a meetings so you can easily pair your culottes with a fancy shirt or crop top and also you don’t necessarily need to walk on heels while you can pair this outfit with your sandals or sneakers.

#Shirt + #Light Trousers

lazy day outfits

One perfect women wardrobe staple is the white simple shirt which can be easily paired with almost everything in the closet, so if you plan to run an errands or planning girls outing and you don’t want to go too deep with your dressing, you can just put on a white shirt with a light trouser combined with your sneakers or sandals. With this outfit you can move comfortably around while looking good and also you don’t really need to put on fancy accessories since this outfit requires a simple casual look, while for your hair they can be styled in bun or preferably a loose ponytail.

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What Do You Think?

What are your go-to outfits when you’re feeling on the lazy side? Would you wear any of these outfit? What tricks do you apply when you want to stay cozy but look chic? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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