Do you want to know a secret? Well the truth is that not everyone you see looking stylish on your instagram page has such fund when compared to how expensive their outfits may look – some just con it, and the truth is that they still look fabulous.

These days fashion bloggers and instagram celebrities just keep making us double tap each and every picture they post because of how amazing they look, they sometimes leave us wondering if they are modelling for a big brand like cosmo or something, but the truth is that they just know how to look expensive on a low budget.

Well don’t worry yourself as we will be showing you some few tips you really need to understand if you want to look expensive on a low budget, keep reading.

The Clear Glasses Trend

Instagram: @alannanicolex

If you are not already following this trend then what are you waiting for?, the clear glasses has been up for a while now and with big celebrities like Beyonce, The Kardashian’s, Tiwa Savage and almost all the instagram celebrities you look up to have a pair in their closet.

The clear glasses have a way of making one look really expensive when styled with the right piece as they are sleek, edgy and bold and the fun part is that there are different shapes and sizes available for you to choose what suits you.

Faux Fur For The Gram

Instagram: @olarslim

Although I won’t say much as the faux fur is not for everyone, not much people rock this piece when it first came out, but that doesn’t mean you just have to slide it one side – besides if you get the right combinations with the faux fur people will think you’re a big celebrity.

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Why we love the faux fur is that it can be rocked in different styles, you can either wear it as a shawl, jacket or right at the bottom of your sleeves. The lush look of a faux fur will make you look expensive when you walk down the street with this fashion statement.

Make A Statement With Satin

Instagram: @mossonyi

Looking sexy requires no hard work, thanks to fashion statement like satin that makes you look sexy and classy. Satin comes in different astonishing colours and they are sexy & figure hugging.

So do you want to look sexy and expensive at the same time? Well it’s easy, all you have to do is to pair a satin pieces with your denim for an edgy contrast and don’t forget to add some nice jewellery, with all this just know you are ready to be the queen of instagram.

Go For Matching Pieces

Instagram: @mossonyi

Do you know that matching pieces can’t fail? It’s true, if you want to look really expensive on a low budget you really need a matching pieces. Matching pieces have slowly become a staple in every girls wardrobe, since they are really easy to work with and easy to style too, you can rock them with your heels or sneakers which ever makes you comfortable.

Bling Bling

Instagram: @findingpoala

It’s really confusing because we tend to make the conclusion that anything that shines automatically looks expensive. It doesn’t matter as it could be a diamond studs, swarovski crystal, latex and even a shimmer as long as it’s shinning.

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Although you don’t want to over do it when you’re putting on bling, you should know that too much bling is really bad. The truth is that people will easily notice the bling on you, but when it’s too much you will ruin everything on you. So if you want to wear a bling on a 3 part outfits, just make 1 or 2 part bling and leave the remaining 1 part plain, seriously you are human not a solar panel.

As explained above, you should know by now that we love you and want you to look astonishing every single day on a low budget. By now you should understand that looking great don’t require you to run your account dry besides if you follow our tips above you will step out looking classy and fabulous.

If you have any tips we’ve not mentioned above feel free to contribute using the comment box below, and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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