Seriously the best thing you can really do for yourself right now is finding your personal style, I know this may be kind of hard but trust me you will love the result when you get the perfect style correctly. You may find it awkward when you copy a complete head-to-toe dressing of a role model or may be a celebrity only to find out everything looks wack on you or something like a dog trying out a cats outfits.

There are some certain tips and steps you need to take in order to keep up with a personal style for you, believe when you master this style’ all that’s left is to start dressing fabulously. Today we will be providing you with the basics of some effective and efficient style tips to help you find your personal style easily, so long as you stick to these tips you are ready to start dressing up in styles.

1. Figure Out And Get The Basics

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For your step one of finding your personal style you really need to get the basic pieces in your wardrobe for a start, every stylish woman we know has and do well with the basics.
The basic pieces are considered the fundamentals of your wardrobe and are really great when it comes to pairing them with other clothes when it comes to finding your personal style. Some of the basic pieces are; white collared shirt, a little black dress, ballet flats, jeans dress pants, a neutral toned skirt and heels.

2. Figure Out Your Favourite Pieces In Your Wardrobe

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Another way of finding your personal style is knowing pieces you already own and love. I know you ought to have some piece in your wardrobe that really grab your attention in which you feel like this dress speaks well of you, these outfits are your first choice when picking what to wear – well figuring this out will be a big guide to what you like and what your personal style is.
Let’s assume you love blazers and your favourite colour is a yellow blazer it’s easy to say that your personal style is bold colours, chic and sleek, or maybe not you prefer a white shirt then we can say your personal style can be, minimalist pieces, light hues and clean lines. You should get this figured out so you know what to shop when next you go out for shopping.

3. Identify Outlier Pieces In Your Wardrobe

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Well this is another method you can decide to use if in case you are finding it very difficult to identify you favourite outfits.
Any outfit that is too odd and does not fit and way too different from you collective is seen as an outlier. We are pretty sure you have atleast one in your wardrobe, pieces you bought a long time ago that you have not worn and still even have its tags, or may be you wore this piece once or twice – this are the outliers in your wardrobe and you need to know that this pieces do not belong.
So you need to identify the outliers in your wardrobe and The reason why you don’t like them, this will easily help you figure out what to put and not to put in your wardrobe.

4. Combine Inspiration

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Finding your personal style is much more than identifying your favourite outfits and the outliers in your wardrobe, a great way to find your personal style is you need to look for inspiration from other people you look up to, you can look for inspiration from a friend, a TV personality, a blogger or even a stranger. It is important to not only like the style but to ensure the style fits the criteria you just created with our previous tips.

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