Actually if you expect me to tell you that pink colour is black well am sorry to disappoint you its certainly not, because pink and black are two different colours, but pink It’s definitely a colour that needs a place in your closet.

The article below will certainly guide you through on how to pull of pink wears perfectly and trust me in no time you will love the pink outfits when next you do your shopping.

Salmon or as many people may know it pink is a statement colour worn by few people as outfits, pink outfits requires confidence to be worn. For many years now people around the world tend to associate pink outfits as ‘Female wears only’. Some men will not even bother to consider putting on any outfit with the colour pink thinking pink could be percieved less musculine.

Guess what?

Real men wear pink.

Should Men Wear Pink?

I know you are probably thinking right now,

  • Can guys wear pink?
  • Should guys wear pink?
  • Why should guys wear pink?

Well have got all the answer for you right here, it’s the 21st century a lot of things has changed in fashion and style, like every other colour, pink is always the same you will always need to find a shade (light or dark) that will compliment your skin tone, always note that there are definately shades that works best for different people. Hot pink go well with Darker skin-tones while Light pink fits lighter complexions, so you see its important to choose the right shades for your skin tones. Honestly speaking pink is nothing more than a colour and certainly a colour that In no way define anyone’s masculinity or femininity. Guys who wear pink properly with the right skin tone shows how fashion has advanced, trust me when I say that you will definately love pink outfits when rocked properly. Wearing pink does not make you less man instead wearing pink outfits shows guts and confidence and there is nothing more attractive than a confident man. So let me put this straight ‘Yes guys can definately wear pink’.

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How To Wear Pink For Men

The pink outfits for men is never the simple idea type but just so you know pink for men is always an easy colour to put on and you shouldn’t be scared of it.
If you are not putting on White shirt then you are definitely putting on Blue Shirt and if am wrong then you are thinking out of the box, why not try the pink?.
Pink outfits combinations are endless, from pink polo to Oxford pink shirt straight to office attire, trust me if styled correctly this could boost your fashion style.

Pink Dress Shirt For Men

Pink shirt for men

If am correct I know most of us have come across a pink dress shirt before, do you know that 70% of guy have one in their closet?, Well now you know.
With a left breast pocket and a collar button all down, the pink dress shirt is the ultimate style ready to change your style to classic and give a hint of elegance and confidence when you walk down the street.
So you have been thinking of what to pair the pink dress shirt with and you kind of empty with ideas, well it’s good you are here.
The pink dress shirt can easily be paired with a black jeans or probably a white chinos with brown brogues and brown belt, oh have you tried the linen trousers? Well you can combine this piece with a tan or maybe a brown loafers, and don’t forget your shades makes you look more classic, with that said you can try some Ray-Ban’s too.

How To Wear A Black Suit Pink Shirt For Men

Pink shirt and black suit for men

Average guys wears suit on a regular base are you one of them? If yes then I guess you must be closing big deals in the city with a closet full of only dark and neutral colours, although going for what you know best is probably the best bet but believe me it’s how you style it that matters a lot these days. You can always look as smart with a pink dress shirt and a suit as much as you do them with white or blue shirt, what really matters here is for you to get the right shades.

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The best staple every man rely on is the black suit always matched with a white or blue shirt but have you tried on a pink shirt? A salmon dress will give you a hint of elegance and confidence when paired with some nice black, Navy or a Tan suit, well as for the Tie a deep navy will give you more depth to the softer pink dress shirt, how about trying a purple or violet? This will match perfectly with the pastel of the pink dress shirt.

How To Wear A Pink Jacket For Men

Pink jacket for men

A pink jacket will always allow you to put on something simplistic underneath it even thou it’s probably the most statement piece you could wear to tackle this trend with a bold piece on top. One option you can always opt in for is the pink bomber jacket, with this piece in place you can probably team it up with a very simple white T-shirt and a pair of Blue or Black jeans.
Still discussing about tonal and simplistic looks, for a more defined autumnal or wintry look then you can wear an all black underneath it to show off the pink outer wear.

The Pink Jumper For Men

Pink jumper for men

Think about Spring dress? Well so was i, if you wish for spring or autumnal look then best believe that a pink jumper is your best shot. Make sure you try to mix the pink with a moderate colour and something fairly subdued to balance your look as this will add to your style.
Know that a pink jumper with a pair of black trousers is great and it gives a simplistic look that can always work for the office or even a regular casual day out, the only thing left out is to switch your shoes. If incase you want to go all casual on this you can switch to a pair of vans well the classic black and white will do or even a fully white trainers. What if you wish to go with all Formal, well it’s simple just swap your trainers with a more formal pair of shoes such as the loafers or the brogues and lastly you can always add a suit jacket over the top.

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Pink Pants For Men

Pink are great for warm weathers, I know you must be tired of wearing dark colour pants always, well if you want something simple and classic then say no more. Pink pants is the perfect outfit for warm weathers and it can be matched with many shirt.
Think of a short pink chinos matched with a white shirt with a brown loafers, seriously this will be classic, you can go ahead and switch things up a little bit for a more casual look you can replace the shirt with a top while you can go ahead and swap the loafers with your trainers or just a sandals.

Wearing Pink Casually

Thinking of casual dressing like I do? Have you tried a pink polo shirt for men matched with a pair of shorts with light colours and your trainers, this will definitely give you the best summer outfit to keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Final Words

Seriously so you know colour does not define anyone’s sexuality and I cannot count how many times have heard girls say they love men in pink.
Note that before you start putting on your pink learn more about shades and skin tones.‎ Remember;

  • Pink is a versatile colour and it can be styled with anything when you get it right.
  • One great match is a pink oxford shirt team up with a white chinos.
  • Make sure you keep the accessories to minimum level, when its pink less is more.
  • Wear pink with confidence, even real men wear pink.
  • Always remember that a colour does not define masculinity.

Now to round things up, the ultimate combination is a light pink shirt, with a brown belt, white or nude chinos and brown loafers. You can add Ray-Bans and you are good to go.

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