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You Need To Check Out These 6 Rules Of Wearing A Short Dress

You Need To Check Out These 6 Rules Of Wearing A Short Dress

It’s almost time to do away with most of your long dresses, stockings and trousers since the harmattan season is almost over.

I know you already have some nice short dress in your closet ready to slay in, but before you go ahead and start slaying those short dresses, there are some certain rules you really need to consider if you want to look more chic and effortlessly stylish too.

When it comes to wearing short dress I will say it’s really not for the fainthearted it’s really beyond owning one, wearing a short dress is like being flirty, simple and straight to the point. You need confidence in your legs, your skin tone and to know your kill style in order to wear a short dress.
Short dresses are meant to keep you fresh while ensuring you are visually hot and sexy. With all this in mind here are some Dos and Don’ts You really need to know to help you pull off the short dress look perfectly.

DO: Always style in statement shoes

Short dress
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When picking a nice statement shoes to wear with your short dress, thigh high boots are really good although considering the weather condition here in Nigeria they can easily be substituted for other more breathable and bold footwear. You can choose a lightweight ankle boots or preferably a pretty nice sandals that will give you all the statement look you need while keeping your outfit more chic.

DON’T: Slay In Tight Fitted Short Dress

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Short dresses are really nice outfits you can wear if you want to look more chic, they can make you look hot and sexy without even trying hard. So you really need to avoid putting on tight fitted short dress, the rules here is that you can either go with a really short dress or preferably a really tight dress but avoid going for the two in one dress it’s a no-no.

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DO: Go For A Short Dress With The Appropriate Length

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Even though it’s good to slay in whatever length is comfortable for you, you should be well aware of the fact that going for the right length of short dress is really advisable. Short dress varies from one person to another since we all have different heights but how do you know the right length for your height? Well it’s simple since the ideal length for any height is just below your fingertips. To pick the right short dress for you, place your arms at your sides when wearing a short dress and make sure the dress is not above where your fingertips stops.

DON’T: Put On Too Much Accessories

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Seriously putting on too much accessories might not seem that bad at first, but when you realise why you are slaying in short dress you might want to take a second guess.
When wearing your short dress always know that your biggest accessories are your legs, so you might want to take a second guess knowing that too much accessories will draw attention away from your hot legs, now decide hot legs or accessories. You have to make the right decision by flaunting only that hot legs.

DON’T: Make The Panty Line Show

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Seriously the easiest way to destroy your outfit may be wearing them with visible undies, to fix this always go with underwear that are seamless or preferably shape wear when putting on short dress. When you make the mistake of making the panty line show, you will ruin the entire outfit and it doesn’t matter if your outfit is fabulous.

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DON’T: Dress In A See Through Dress

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Short dress
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Just know you are going over the board when you put on a see through short dress, seriously you’ve already show off all the parts you need to show you don’t need a see through short dress. Unless you plan going to the beach or the pool it’s really advisable to stick to a decent yet sexy dress.

Final Words


  • Always style in statement shoes
  • Go For A Short Dress With The Appropriate Length


  • Slay In Tight Fitted Short Dress
  • ‎Put On Too Much Accessories
  • Make The Panty Line Show
  • Dress In A See Through Dress

Although the best short dress may really depends on what you consider to be your assets, so always note this that less is more and curves are in. So always make sure to go for short dresses that are stylish and classy and shows off assets you are willing to share.

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