There was a time when I actually got tired of wearing all of my sweatshirt the same style and seriously it was boring until I tried new ways of wearing sweatshirt.
The sweatshirt is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and with the cool weather so far it’s time to get yourself styled up.
This post will try to explain how you can wear some of your sweatshirt in different ways with a few tips and transform them into a style-savvy shrine.

Sport Luxe

Sport Luxe for men

When it comes to comfort and modernity well you just have to allow the sport Luxe do its thing. With its roots directly from sport apparel, the sport Luxe takes casual athletic attire and perfectly mixes it with a higher end contemporary looks.
Have you thought about teaming your sweatshirt with joggers? Well if you haven’t, I have. A pair of joggers will help achieve the classic sporty looks,wait do you find things looking too casual? Well don’t worry cause you can add things up with a bomber and a clean pair of white sneakers. You can try out this outfit when next you feel to take a coffee or j‎aunt around town.


Plain, simple and effortless to style the sweatshirt, there were made for sport and by default it is perfect for off-duty casual wear.
Well you can never go wrong with this style, for a Sunday stroll or off-duty on Friday, you just have to pick a light wash or less faded jeans for the best casual day wear.
Thinking about night wear? Well no worries you can switch things easily taking the looks from day to night putting on a leather jacket and going for a darker shade of jeans.

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Surprised? Well believe it or not you can always look good for occasions that demands something smarter too, although this may never be your first choice when it comes to smart wears but you will be surprised how versatile this sweatshirt you wear around at home really is. When styled with the right wears you will step out looking fresh.

Shirt And Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt and shirt for men

Who else love this combo? Well I really do, the perfect look you can get from this match is classic. When shopping sweatshirt for a smarter look is best to go for the dark colours, Navy, Black and Marl Gray will do the trick.
Putting on a nice shirt underneath your sweatshirt while making the colour and hem pop out this will surely take your look from casual to extra smart in no time. Next you can add up this look with a pair of dark faded denim or better still a pair of chinos, what about the shoes? Shoes like Brogues or a pair of loafers will bring out a traditional classic look to your outfit, oh and that can be all because you can spice things up with a blazer or smart jacket.

Street Style

Streetstyle sweatshirt

Ever feel to inject personality into your outfits? Well break out from the regular plain sweatshirt and try some printed numbers, actually sweatshirt is an ideal opportunity to get a little creative, street style is always about individuality, expression and personality and the easiest way to do this is on a printed sweatshirt.
For your street style look you can always pair your sweatshirt with joggers, more interestingly you can add a plaid shirt (you can tie one around your waist). For your foot wear you can opt in for some loud and garish colours.

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Origins of the Sweatshirt

Versatile, comfortable and classic , the origins of the sweatshirt pre-date WWII when Benjamin Russell developed a new softer jersey that surpassed its itchy and uncomfortable predecessor. The new jerseys were originally constructed from women’s underwear material and quickly appeared on the running tracks and football pitches of America.
A sportswear mainstay, the practical features and classic design of the sweatshirt appealed to the girlfriends, frostily cheering from the sidelines. The sweatshirt, so named by the women who produced them in the factories for their post-use state, soon made its way into
college fashion before retailers caught onto the universal appeal of the simplicity and effectiveness of its design.
Today, the sweatshirt is favoured by average Joes, the style conscious elite and everyone in between. Perhaps most notably, style icon Kanye West is a fan of the plain sweatshirt, elevating its simple design to an almost cult-like status with his own take on the classic and his highly sought after Yeezy line.

Final Words

I know most of you always thinks the Sweatshirt is only reserved for the winter month, well I guess you will have to re-think that again. Just like every other wears the sweatshirt can be worn on different occasions from the regular casual looks to the office day wear all you need is getting the right combinations of trousers and shoes.

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