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10 Wedding Dress For Muslim Brides That Will Leave You Speechless

Weddings for the Muslim girls is obviously one great thing any Muslim girl can have even though marriages these days is entirely different from what our grandparents had. Today there are a lot of pieces, details and elements that needs to be put together in order to achieve the perfect bridal wedding dress. Typically, our Muslim girls dress slightly different from conventional brides due to their faith. Considering the mind-boggling varieties of fabrics that are readily available, it’s pretty easy and a lot of options available for a bride to… Read More

These Nigerian Traditional Wedding Attires Will Blow Your Mind

The Nigerian Traditional Wedding has been a trend for a very long time in which Nigerian couples honor their tradition in various ways, every couple tries to organise their traditional wedding in such a way that they will end up having a beautiful event. Friends and families always talk about the Nigerian Traditional Wedding 6 month before and also talk everything about the occasion 6 month after, the Nigeria the classic white wedding is accompanied by the Nigerian Traditional Wedding. One thing about the Nigerian Traditional Wedding every one always… Read More

Ankara Inspo: 33 Wedding Guest Outfit You Really Need To See

That feelings you get when you just received a wedding invite, seriously it’s amazing isn’t it?. Weddings are fun, exciting and one great moment to connect with friends and family, but one awkward moment is when you get really confused on what to wear to a wedding. Weddings are great even if it’s not your wedding, the first thing that always come to your mind when you think of attending a wedding is what you will love to wear to a wedding, believe me the confusion is real. Although if… Read More