When dressing up for an event, work, hangout with friends or maybe a date night, all we want is to look great in what we are putting on or plan to put on, but sometimes nature has other plans for us and in less than 2 seconds everything is ruined.

Wardrobe malfunction can be a challenging issue especially when you have no solution of fixing them immediately, you should know that wardrobe malfunction can happen at any time and they can happen for any reason possible that is why it’s very Important you should know how to fix some of these malfunction so you can stay safe and not ruin your day.

We are going to show you some regular wardrobe malfunctions and trick on how you can easily fix them with no stress at all.

Stuck Zip

Stuck zip

So you picked up your dress only to discover that the zip Is stuck and you don’t want to force it so it doesn’t pop out in public, this is one normal wardrobe malfunction that happens to most people you find out that you will have problem with the zip and maybe you might be in a rush and there is no time to look for another dress. So how do you fix such problem easily?

The Fix

In other to fix a situation where by the zip of your dress is stuck, kindly rub some wax along the zipper tracks – this will make the zipper pretty smooth allowing the zip to easily slide through. If you can’t get reach of a wax you can do the same thing with a chapstick, it should be applied the same way the wax was applied.

Fixing Loose Buttons

Loose button

This actually happened to me when I visited a friend of my, as we were taking some pictures I discovered that one of my buttons is just about to loose hanging just by the last thread, it was hard because there was no sewing kit close by and besides it’s so much stressful pulling off my dress at that moment. So what did I do to fix this wardrobe malfunction?

The Fix

To fix this issue, what I did was simply applied a clear nail Polish on the thread. When you apply the nail Polish do allow it to dry off, when that polish dries it will be really hard for that button to come off.

Finding It Hard To Keep Your Zipper Up


I bought this jeans pant for some time now but every single time I go out wearing this jeans I find out that I have been walking round town with my zipper zipped down, I was really embarrassed when a total stranger call to my attention only to tell me that my zipper was down. So if you have a pair of pants with a zipper that keeps opening how do you fix it?

The Fix

After so much struggles this is how I finally fixed the wardrobe malfunction and now I can finally walk in public knowing fully well that am safe, if you have such problem what you want to do is to pick a key ring from one of your key chain next you want to apply this key ring to the tiny hole in your zipper. Anything you’ve zipped up your pants kindly hook the key ring around the button on your pant just before you button up the pants.

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