That feelings you get when you just received a wedding invite, seriously it’s amazing isn’t it?. Weddings are fun, exciting and one great moment to connect with friends and family, but one awkward moment is when you get really confused on what to wear to a wedding. Weddings are great even if it’s not your wedding, the first thing that always come to your mind when you think of attending a wedding is what you will love to wear to a wedding, believe me the confusion is real. Although if you have friends you can always coordinate, discuss and decide on what to wear to a wedding, but what if you decide to attend a wedding with a unique style why don’t you try rocking a nice Ankara dress?.

Ankara which has been around for the past few years now has become really popular as the regular African traditional fashion style. Ankara has pave way for a lot of fashionista since they come in different variety of patterns and colours, with the right combinations of colours and pattern you can create your own unique style using the Ankara. Although the Ankara style is not all about gown there are other things been made from Ankara such as, skirt, blouses, shoes, bags and even accessories.

Ankara is popular among Nigerian women and is known as a “traditional wear”. The most popular brands of this fabric are:

  • Nigerian wax.‎
  • Dutch wax.‎
  • Ghana wax.‎
  • Vlisco.‎

So what makes for a nice and exciting Ankara wedding guest dress? Well let’s take a look at some of this amazing Ankara wedding guest dress style that are sartorially approved which you can easily wear to a wedding.

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Wedding Guest Outfits – Dos and Don’ts

You really want to know some of the things you can and can’t do when choosing a wedding guest outfit, or else you don’t want to attend a wedding looking way too awkward.


  • Always go with outfits that are romantic and do not reveal your body too much.
  • Style your outfit with nice accessories.
  • Do your self a favour and opt in for good shoes that are comfortable even for dancing, because reception comes after wedding ceremonies which features dancing.
  • Make sure you respect your invitation by sticking to the theme.
  • If you plan going to a wedding with a bag make sure you avoid bags like beach and big office bags, bags like clutch or a sling bags are good option for you.


  • Avoid dresses that are way too revealing.
  • Avoid loud and glaring colour dresses for your outfits.
  • If you are not among the bridesmaid please avoid dressing up with matching clothes.
  • White dresses are off the list, so don’t go for white colour outfit when attending a wedding.
  • For wedding dress keep your outfits less formal or casual, you should watch out for distressed denim, flip flops and jeans.

Final Words
There are different ways to dress to a wedding as a guest, although picking the right outfit can be a little tricky that is why we have put together a list of amazing Ankara outfits you can easily style to a wedding as a guest. When dressing for a wedding you don’t want to look overdressed or under dressed and look less interesting so always be careful how you choose your outfit.

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Do you have any idea of an elegant well balanced wedding dress? You can easily let us know by dropping a comment below, thank you.

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