Investing in some good winter coats is arguably the best thing everybody should do, with winter passing by every year the most asked question is what are the most stylish winter coats and how to rock them?

Well the thing is that, fashion trends changes quickly these days, but not to worry because I will be guiding you through some of the ‘Never Out Of Style’ Winter coats you can add to your collections fast.

When we talk about assets I tend to include the winter coats, seriously when you invest on some nice winter coats you should expect them to be durable and never go out of style right?‎
I know some of you will think such winter coats are really hard to find, well you may be right but after going through this article I will explain to you some of the best winter coats you can buy on your budget that will never go out of style.

Parka Coats

Parka coat

Intrestingly this pieces has been around for a very long time now dating back to 1960s and best known for its millitary usage during the WWII, seriously the parka coats has stayed through changes of trends and style and its still my favourite.

Presently the parka coats is one of the warmest winter coats you can get your hands on with its classic style and designs that can withstand most weather conditions.

The parka coats are of two types; the military style and the mod style.

The military parka coats is thick and bulky and usually long in length to withstand most weather conditions, the military parka winter coats comes with a fur-lined hood and some cargo pockets.
On the other hand the mod style is much more different from the military style, the mod style is thinner with waterproof finish, although there is no fur-lined hood the overall mod style design is more slick. In general when going for the parka coats you can choose which style suits you more.

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The Trench Coats

Trench coat

Still on the topic about winter coats that will never go out of style and we have the Trench Coats, as time goes on the long length may have change and the colour may have alternate but believe me the style and design still remain the same all through.

Initially claimed by Aquascutum in the 1850s, Burberry reinvented the style in 1901 as the army officer’s raincoat and its legend was forged in Belgium’s trenches. The trench coats is not the warmest winter coats but the style is great, the trench winter coats are usually worn in tonal colours, I will go for either of these Tan, Black or Blue. You can always go with the trench coats combined with your suit to give you a professional look, and with the trench coats you will never worry about keeping your suit warm and dry with an umberella, just put on some trench coats and that’s all.

Leather Coats

Leather coat

It’s funny when most people thinks leather coats are the same, well am sorry to break the news to you they are not, Infact most leather coats can’t stand cool weather because their material are not real.
When I mentioned the leather coats actually what comes to my mind first is the leather Shearling jacket coats, seriously this is obviously one of the leather jacket have come across and its probably the best if you love casual outfits.
I added the shearling jacket to this list because of its stylish and chunky design making it one of the leather coats which will never go out of style for a very long time. If you are a casual outfit lover and a fan of leather coats I will advice you to go for the Shearling leather jacket.

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Wool Coats

Wool coat

Do you like wool materials? Well be rest assured that there are different wool coats availale for you to choose from, it can be the Duffle coats or maybe an overcoat or something thick like the bomber wool coats, which ever way there’s a lot of them for you to choose from. The Bomber jacket is warm and light and suitable for layering especially during winter, ‎

The Duffle coats is probably the best wool coats when choosing something simple, suitable for both smart and casual looks. You can go for colours like black and navy which ever way it will always look nice.

The Overcoat is one smart option to go for especially if you plan putting on a suit, the overcoat can go clean with other colours other than black and you will still look simple and clean with its minimalist style.

Puffer Coats

I don’t know about you but if I want to go for something casual well the first option that pop up is the puffer jacket.
This jackets are best worn casually because they are not your ‘fit with suit’ type of coats, wears like jeans, shirt and chinos goes pretty well with this winter coats just make sure you have your trainers on your feet and ready to rock.
It’s warm, cosy and can be bought in a huge variety of colours. So if you’re one that likes something bold to stand out, a puffer jacket is the best option for you. Admittedly, they may not be as classic as the others but they have been around for a while and they just seem to be getting better and better each year.

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Final Words

Finding some nice winter jackets or winter coats is pretty much easy these days with so many brands around, but the difficult part is finding some nice winter jackets / winter coats that will never go out of style.
In this article we try to explain some of the classic and iconic Winter coats that will never go out of style for you to select your choice, we talked about the following winter coats;

  1. Parka Coats
  2. The Trench Coats
  3. Leather Coats
  4. Wool Coats
  5. Puffer Coats

So with all said, it’s left for you to select what’s best for you.
Always keep in mind that you should always go for what you can always whip out of your wardrobe each and every season.

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