It has always been fun and interesting for one to know what the stars hold in store for them, be it if you are the brave Aries or the ambitious Scorpio. Right from your career moves to amazing goals in life and also love life it is always fun and nice to reimagine everything while reading about your horoscope. We can’t really tell you when the right man will come into your life or rather when the next big break in your life will occur, but what we can do its to make some recommendations on the best spot-on style for 2019 based on your Zodiac sign.
So let’s not waste too much time let’s review all the zodiac sign according to the month, so keep reading to see what’s reviewed on the horizon based on your style.


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Classic pieces with a twist is all that is concerned with the Capricorn, the Capricorn which is from the month of December 22 – January 19. Out in the depth of the winter your sign is rocking out although clothes tend to be a less trendy but you can try to add up something extra.

Fix For 2019: You can try with something classic added with some dark pop colours.


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Aquarius which is from the month of January 20 – February 18, love experimenting bold colours and prints in order to reflect their personality and its all about making up with the spotlight so for those of you under the Aquarius zodiac you can use your unique personal style to attract the much more attention you deserve.

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Fix For 2019: You can try some animal skin print fabrics since they are striking and fun to wear.


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Getting people gravitate towards your good humour, personality and love of life is an easy task. The pisces zodiac which is from the month of February 19 – March 20 are free spirited and also fun loving making people have serious style admiration towards you.

Fix For 2019: in order to express you laid back style you can opt in for a flowy top with a rich colour and nice fabric prints.


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From 0 to 100 with ease the Aries love Modern streamlined materials pieces that give them more confidence, the Aries zodiac is from the month of March 21 – April 19. When it comes to different colours of clothes the Aries is first to consider.

Fix For 2019: This year you can focus more on the basics, so a chic coat in a very rich colour will make you look fashion incredible.


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Always about standing out among all with the best fashion bold pieces and fashion accessories, the Taurus is from the month of April 20 – May 20. The Taurus can style up with some amazing pieces that can stand the test of time, it can be for your regular 9-5 job or just for a classy event.

Fix For 2019: you can opt for classic moto with a bit of edge to toughen your frilly dresses and jeans too.


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Now to the Gemini which is from the month of May 21 – June 20, they are the fashion risk takers who always get the question of ‘what are you wearing?’ and ‘where did you get that?’. So for the Gemini you can start with bold pattern mixing, silhouette experimentation in order to maintain your reputation.

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Fix For 2019: you can try some bold pattern style pants since they pretty much versatile and they can be paired with a solid top.


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Incredible, amazing and sophisticated with interest in clean lines and also classic timeless appeal, the cancer zodiac is from the month of June 21 – July 22. You can challenge your self this year to try something different outside your comfort zone.

Fix For 2019: You can go for a pair of feminine wildly romantic print dresses, this will give that feel of a classic look.


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The Leo are just the perfect friends you want for your #stylesquad, they are fearless and love eye catching pieces. The Leo zodiac month is from July 23 – August 22 so you should transform your creativity, passion and love of life into your wardrobe.

Fix For 2019: You can insert your boldness into your everyday style with fabulous and amazing florals.


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The Virgo knows how to work strong point just by channelling their style know how just by adding something unusual to their wardrobe, the Virgo zodiac month is from August 23 – September 22. With the incredible fashion taste the Virgo know how to make their fashion say ‘Look at me’.

Fix For 2019: A perfect virgo classic is a nice Lacy feminine piece in a great bold and new color.


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With love for dark colours the libra takes on classic with side of edges, gray, black and navy are the main staples in the libra closet. The libra zodiac month is between September 23 – October 22.

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Fix For 2019: you can just go for something that is neutral, fresh and has a colour blocking pattern.


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Known to be one of the most mysterious sign in the zodiac making all those under the month of October 23 – November 22 a creature of habit when it comes to getting dressed up. You just have to keep all your favourites close to you this year and never get scared of add something unusual to your dressing.

Fix For 2019: start by adding something Scorpio style like the denim rut into your closet.


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Those under this zodiac which is from the month of November 22 – December 21 are always buttoned up in their pieces with a little bit of feminine style and a whole lot classic, so hone your penchant for polished and unfussy style with clean silhouettes in the new year. Then, push your style boundaries by adding in brave (and bolder) silhouettes and statement accessories.

Fix For 2019: since buttoned down shirt are one of your wardrobe staples you can easily break out and fresh things up with a vivid colour or prints.

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